Press Drive for the VW Phaeton (Sanya/CN)

Chinese steel and German event technology formed a successful partnership to support the launch of the VW Phaeton in China.

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The launch of the VW Phaeton in China took place in a luxury hotel complex in Sanya, in the south of China. Managing Board members and designers from Volkswagen AG presented the car to the international press, who also had the opportunity to test drive it.


KLEE had the task of creating an exclusive pavilion made of trusses. In a sophisticated atmosphere, an air-conditioned pavilion of glass was created, unique for such an event in China to that date. We also provided the lighting, audio and video technology.


  • Steel from China and event technology from Germany: In the shortest possible time, these two elements had to be installed and combined with one another in the setting of a busy luxury hotel.
  • Requiring enormous personnel and technical resources, this imposing edifice had to be built without the hotel guests knowing it was under construction.
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