O2 – Studio Berlin / Alexa 2022

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243 multimedia LED panels create an impressive 270-degree picture experience on one
Total area of 50 square meters. At this point of experience, the brand O2
and real ‘can do moments’ can be experienced.
#cando, #o2studio, a multimedia room at #MediaMarkt Alexa in Berlin.

Our task

In May 2022, the Atelier Brückner agency approached us with an exciting project.
An experience area for O2 was to be created in a small space – the O2 Studio.
The planning of the entire media area, the corresponding technology, the necessary
sensors as well as the light and audio design of this area had to be done in the
shortest possible time, since O2 has scheduled the opening for September 2022.


  • Small existing premises
  • little time
  • Procurement of the 1.5mm LED in this period
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